...action & traction, results & solutions,
clarity, direction, possibilities & pathways.

Coaching is a powerful resource that can propel individuals, teams & entire organizations
toward achieving what they really want. Coaching is a vehicle for putting
our wisdom into action and accomplishing our goals.

We Offer A Distinct Blend of Services & Experiences:

Our continuum extends from individualized coaching, to helping teams get better results,
and extends all the way to assessing and facilitating change for an entire organization.
It’s all about the best design for you to get the results you want.

Here are examples of how Coaching Creates works
Individual Services




An executive director contacts Coaching Creates because she’s charged with leading organizational growth and facing tough challenges she’s never faced before. She asks, “How do I LEAD now?”



Customized individual leadership action plan, clear start-stop timeframe, results measured.



High marks from her team for leading in an inspirational way, aligning others toward a clear vision and reaching/exceeding goals.

Team Services




The team of directors, reporting to this same executive director (ED), begin to recognize they need to be more effective. As improvements in the ED’s methods of leading and managing are observed, the directors want to do a better job of helping each other get the best results, better communicate, set clearer expectations and accountability.



Team coaching with directors to define: What are our individual and collective strengths? What needs to change? What’s not working? What’s missing? A dynamic plan for being a high functioning, collaborative leadership team is created.



360 Feedback for directors verified an average of 30% improvement on exhibiting leadership and manager competencies.

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