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"Be yourself in the most vivid way possible."

Examples of Crossroads Where People Say YES!
to Stepping Forward for Coaching:

  • Ready to move from where you are to where you want to be.
  • Discovering and/or building your talents, gifts and strengths.
  • Facing or leading a significant change.
  • Wanting more self-awareness about how to be more effective.
  • Being a better manager.
  • Building a more productive and collaborative team.
  • Discovering and/or building one's talents, gifts & strengths.
  • Uncovering & cultivating creative abilities. How do I know what I'm missing?
  • Finding the next & best professional opportunity.
  • Being more assertive and handling conflict constructively.
  • Being a better decision maker.
  • Working effectively with a board or oversight body.
  • Replacing self sabotage with self-efficacy.
  • Begin designing an encore career....that answers the question.
    "What do I want to do with the next chapter of my life?"
  • Living life in a way I truly align with my beliefs and values.
  • Replacing stress & overwhelm with balance, wellness & calm.

Coaching Creates... Wise Action & Achieving Your Goals

"I almost lost key members of my executive team. I knew something needed to change. Colleen helped me see that I was creating the very thing I wanted to avoid….fear, withholding and resentment. Our work together was pivotal. I was able to relinquish some control, delegate and trust more. I even sought feedback from others. The ROI to me and the company is significant."

– JR, President, Manufacturing Company


"Colleen helped me improve in many ways. Be a more effective leader, a stronger communicator, more of a strategic thinker, better at handling of new challenges, working well with change and building my emotional intelligence (EQ)…to name a few."



"Through Colleen’s coaching of this first-time manager, I’ve been able to more effectively address issues of productivity, communication and regular feedback with my direct reports."

– CO, Team Lead

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