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"Vision animates, inspires, transforms purpose into action.
Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality."

Do Any of These Challenges Sound Familiar?

  • "Our values are clearly spelled out. But, we aren’t doing a good enough job
    integrating these beliefs into our organization’s culture. We want to do a much better job of walking our talk. Where do we start?"

  • "We need to get better results. We’ve decided to change our current operating
    model. What is the best way to design, introduce and manage all of these the
    changes and get our goals accomplished?"

  • "We're promoting managers and giving them new responsibilities and larger teams
    to manage. How can we help them and their teams succeed…sooner?"

  • "We need a plan that is strategic, nimble and distinctive. At the same time we’re
    facing tighter budgets. How do we accomplish this?"

  • "Our teams need to be more effective, efficient, productive and, we want to retain
    talent. What is the best process for us?"

Coaching Creates... Wise Action & Achieving Your Goals

"You're helping us be a far better organization. Our issues are complex, many
problems to be solved and formidable personalities around the table. You guided
us to results that have made all the difference."

– SM, Team Lead


"Just a few months after beginning the coaching process with some of our managers, HR administered a survey to employees to gauge their satisfaction with management. Compared to our baseline, we saw a jump in positives- both in ratings and in qualitative comments. Colleen’s work with our managers helped change our culture because we were doing a far better job of living our mission. The improvements continue."

– CM, Executive Director, Large Non-profit

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